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 Octavia Yaxley [finished]

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Octavia Yaxley

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PostSubject: Octavia Yaxley [finished]   June 2nd 2014, 6:38 am

miss ice cold smile

Some Facts

Name: Her full name is Octavia Grace Yaxley, but her friends usually just call her Tavvy or, more rare, Via.

House: Tavvy is a member of the house of the Snakes, Slytherin.

Year: Apparently she is in Grade 6, which means that this is her second to last year.

Age: She is 16 years old.

Gender: Clearly female.

Birthday: Her birthday is on the 22th of June.


Hair: Octavia has fair, long blonde hair, which is naturally curly, but often straightened by her. She often wears it in a ponytail or simply loose, more rare braided or in a bun.

Face: Tavvy's has a very slim, but a little oval face. Her skin has a fairer tone, what makes her look pale in bright light. She has a resemblance to her sister.

Build (Stature): As Tavvy is pretty okay with her height, 5'6'', which is normal for a girl of her age, she sometimes seems pretty slim and sometimes a little bit like a breakable puppet. She is anxious about keeping her weight.

Eyes: Her eyes are in a darker blue, what is definetly more noticeable as it first seems. They are surrounded by dark eye lashes.


Octavia is a Slytherin, definetly a proud one and this could be described as her main personality for the ones who dont know her that well. She is very present in the house events and stands for her believe with self confidence and stodility, but in a marked contrast, she seems to care about nothing that dont concerns herself. This selfishness seems to be the cause to her small, but definetly loyal, circle of friends.

+ Autumn & Spring
+ Quidditch
+ strawberries

- Summer & heat
- Muggles & Muggleborns
- disrespectful behaviour

Strong points:
+ self confidence
+ honesty
+ assertiveness

Weak points:
- impatience
- arrogance
- stolidity


Mother: Aliara Yaxley, 46 years old

Father: Serpentin Yaxley, 47 years old, works in the Ministry of Magic

Sisters/Brothers: Pandora Yaxley, 18 years old, hogwarts student

Grandparents: Amatis Yaxley & Nathaniel Yaxley

Enemies: She counts the Gryffindors and Hufflepuffs as her enemies.


Past: Octavia was born as the second child and daughter of Serpentin and Aliara Yaxley, both pureploods, what makes herself one, too. Togehter with her family, which consistid of her parents, her older sister Pandora and her, she lived in her home town, Blackpool on the old family manor, till today. Raised and later teached at home by her parents,  as it wasnt good enough to let their daughter be teached by a Muggel, she early learned about the pureblood ideology. Tavvy was probably predestinated to become a Slytherin from her first day and till three years, she is one of the chasers of the Slytherin's. She appreciates the changes Malfoy made at Hogwarts.

© by Maya Black||Dark Hogwarts RPG

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Maya Black

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PostSubject: Re: Octavia Yaxley [finished]   June 2nd 2014, 8:27 am

Well done!
The registration is

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Octavia Yaxley [finished]
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